Dental 3D Printing

3D Printed Night Guards
3D printed Night guards headed to multiple cleaning baths, then curing and finishing/polishing

Dr. Shoop is heavily invested in cutting edge concepts and techniques in order to provide the best outcomes for every patient. 3D printing is a developing field in dentistry and Dr. Shoop is at the forefront!

Our office utilizes digital scanners to obtain a computer rendering of your mouth as well as high powered programs to design occlusal guards and night guards which are tailor made not just to our patients teeth but also to their jaw movements! These 3D printed guards are very comfortable as they are much less bulky then traditional night guards and are programed to fit your bite and and jaw movements. Many of our patients with active gag reflexes love this new technology!

Dr. Shoop also uses this technology to 3-Dimensionally plan your dental implant placement! He is able to provide a safer, quicker surgery with a planned restorative outcome by digitally designing the implant and its crown or denture then 3-D printing a guide used at the implant placement surgery, rather than just ‘eye-balling’ it.
Sometime in the near future we will be 3D printing dentures once the material gets a little more aesthetic.