How can you put a crown on an implant the same day?


One question we are asked frequently is:


“Why do I see advertisements offering same day implant restorations? How can they do dental implants and crowns in one day?”


That’s a great question.  Implants can be confusing with the different parts and wait times and costs. The truth is, dental implants are very complex and require knowledge and experience as well as a healthy patient and a healthy dental implant site and restored with teeth correctly.

In this case, the advertisements our patients reference is from a special type of implant practice which focuses on full arch dental implants and restorations, not just one tooth.  When completing total implant supported dentures, it is standard to load/restore the implants immediately as the patient is otherwise left edentulous along with a few other factors in the favor of doing so.  This practice has increased marketing efforts in Federal Way, Auburn, Kent and Des Moines.

Typical single tooth implants can also be loaded immediately if an amount of initial stability is achieved. However, doing so can introduce a risk of implant failure as seen by numerous studies such as NCBI listed study .

We all desire for the tooth to be restored as quickly as possible, especially if it is your tooth! But as a dentist, we opt for the most desired and predictable outcomes for our patients possible. When I place dental implants here in Federal Way, my optimal treatment is to wait typically 3-5 months to restore an implant to minimize any risk of failure and remove the implant. If the tooth is in the front, we will never leave you toothless!


Here is an example of how we temporized a front tooth while the site healed after extraction, as we were unable to place the implant, let alone a crown on the implant, at time of removal. Before and after (from inside and outside view) using dental bonding to utilize her original tooth as a temporary.