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Cavities! What are they?

What is a cavity? This is tricky – Caries is the disease process of bacteria (AKA Sugar Bugs) creating an infected area in the tooth. This often causes visible changes but not necessarily sensitivity. A cavity is an area of dental caries which has progressed to the point that the tooth has developed a cavitation. […]

Frenectomy – What is a frenectomy and why does it need done?

A tissue attachment which holds the lips or tongue from moving too far is called a Fenum or Frenulum.   In some instances, the frenulum attaches high on the jaw near the teeth.  Most of the time, this causes no problems.  If inflammation and gingival recession is present near the high attachment, then we often […]

How can you put a crown on an implant the same day?

12/16/2019 One question we are asked frequently is:   “Why do I see advertisements offering same day implant restorations? How can they do dental implants and crowns in one day?”   That’s a great question.  Implants can be confusing with the different parts and wait times and costs. The truth is, dental implants are very […]